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 Post subject: The largest factor in the rapid spread
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Human beings would be the ultimate wild card, In regards wow gold to a worldwide pandemic. That makes it hard to develop accurate mathematical models to forecast how the improvement of the disorder will play out. We have certainly seen plenty of all-too-human answers to coronavirus over the previous two months, with a few people panicking and hoarding food, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer. Our epidemiological models are somewhat better able to account for that unpredictability thanks in part to a virtual outbreak in World of Warcraft almost fifteen years ago, called the"Corrupted Blood episode."

The Corrupted Blood outbreak was not intentional. Back in 2005, Blizzard Entertainment added a new dungeon called Zul'Gurub to World of Warcraft for highly innovative players, commanded by an"end boss" named Hakkar. Infected players would suffer damage at regular repeating periods, draining away their"hit points" until their avatars burst in a cloud of blood. The cure was to kill Hakkar.

Blizzard thought this would ensure the disease would not spread beyond that distance. They had been wrong. As opposed to standing their ground, many infected players panicked, teleporting from the dungeon before dying or killing Hakkar, and carrying the disease with them. And lower ranking players, with fewer hit points, would"expire" very quickly upon exposure.

The largest factor in the rapid spread of the disease was a glitch in the programming, such that non-playable creature companions also became infected. They did not show symptoms, but they were carriers and ended up spreading the disease. As Corrupted Blood diseases spread uncontrollably, game spaces became littered with virtual"corpses," and gamers started to panic. In the end, at least three servers were affected, and Blizzard needed to reboot the match to correct the problem.

An epidemiologist named Eric Lofgren just happened to buy classic wow gold to become an avid WoW player and has been fascinated by the parallels to the way the outbreak played out from the world.

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